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World AIDS Observation Day Program in 09.12.2017 at ITC, Mettupalayam


The Native Medicare Charitable Trust has planned to organize an awareness program to the migrants about HIV/AIDS and sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) as a part of TI-Migrant projects. There are thousands of industrial textile workers, construction and contract workers migrate from various states and districts to Triupur and Coimbatore district seeking employment in Hosiery industries, Textiles, Bricklins and Construction companies. Lack of awareness among the migrant workers their living situation is at high risk and become vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.
With the objective of reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, the targeted interventions Projects at Coimbatore and Tirupur are implemented under the guidance of NACO (National AIDS Control Organization), with the Technical and Financial Support from TANSACS 

(Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society).
As a part of TI-Migrant project, it was planned to conduct an awareness program on behalf of the Worlds AIDS Day which was observed on December 1st of every year.


On behalf of the Worlds AIDS Day the awareness programme was conducted on December 9th 2017 at ITC Limited, PSPD, Thekkampatti, Mettupalayam for the second year. The awareness programme was started with a prayer song as a token of gratitude towards the god almighty.

Welcome Address was given by Mr. A.M.V. Shankar, Safety Head Engineer, ITC Limited, PSPD, Unit: Coimbatore. 

He addressed the gathering with full enthusiasm and also welcomed the guests and gathering for the awareness program about Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS. Then the pleasantries were also given to the guests and the awareness program was inaugurated 

The street theater was organized to the employees, staffs, workers and drivers by one of the famous crew named Aayutha Kalai Kulu. The members in the crew were very energetic to perform in front of the crowd. The street play which they played was in a theme that gave messages to the people. Along with the street play they also performed Parai, Silambatam, and Sang songs. This attracted the people and their attention towards the street play and gained some important messages which were useful to them.

A famous dupe artist named Mr. Madhavan from Multi Madhavan Groups took the stage with full pleasure. He came up with an amazing makeover that represented a famous actor in Tamil, he resembled like the super star Mr. Rajinikanth. Each and every gestures and postures resembled him. The employees and workers enjoyed the show and he delivered good messages to them through his smart act. There was also other entertainment events held which the employees and workers were entertained fully.

An exhibition was opened in the premises of ITC Limited, PSPD, Unit: Coimbatore which contained all the information about STI and HIV/AIDS. The exhibition was inaugurated by the guests. They displayed all the information regarding STI and HIV/AIDS. They also gave free notices, pamphlets and STI free kits to the employees and workers. By this exhibition people got to know many information regarding HIV/AIDS and STI through display cards, demos and pictures. This exhibition got the attention of many employees by which they gained more knowledge.


They also organized a Film show to the employees, workers and drivers through which they gained out a clear idea of what are the ways the HIV/AIDS and STI are spreading and how to prevent them. The visual images made them easy to observe than to hear the information in oral. The film show was a great success. 

They conducted many games to the employees, workers and drivers in which most of the games were in a motive to relax the minds of the employees from their stress work. Many employees, workers and drivers took part in the games and they enjoyed throughout the section. The gifts were also given.
There was also a condom demo for the drivers and employees of ITC Ltd. This gave full knowledge about the usage of condom in a right way. The people came to know about the ways in which the diseases are spreaded, what the precautions to be taken, and also how to prevent them from spreading.    

About 131 employees or workers volunteered themselves to take up the HIV test. The test was conducted with the help of District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit, Coimbatore. The ICTC Center, Karamadai and also with Mobile ICTC Center, dapcu, Coimbatore. 

The STI test was also taken in the ITC premises, where 130 employees or workers volunteered themselves to screen the STI test with the help of the Dr. Karthick.

There was a positive feedback from the employees that the awareness program was very useful to them. They told that this awareness program has given much basic information to them about the Sexually Transmitted Infectious and HIV/AIDS which they don’t know before. They also told us that they are willing to have as many awareness programs in the following days.


The program came to an end by 3.30 pm in evening. The staffs gave a positive feedback about the event and said that the program was very effective compared to the previous one which was held a year before. This awareness program reached about 500 employees in the ITC premises. And it was a great success because it has reached to the maximum extent. The ITC Limited also told that they are also looking forward for more awareness programs to be held jointly on behalf of the employee’s welfare.

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